Casper Smit MD PhD, founder and CEO InnoSafety BV

Casper SmitIs a consulting surgeon since 2004 and is specialized in vascular surgery and endocrine surgery. He holds his own surgical practice at the Reinier Haga Group Delft / The Hague The Netherlands. Next to the clinical work he is active in the scientific field and participates in the general management of the hospital group. Casper is head of the department of Surgery and Traumatology of his hospital.

Casper is the mastermind behind the concept. He started to develop the technology (after he injured his own thumb in 2012) at the department of Surgery and Traumatology of his hospital. The open mindset, the curiosity towards solutions of problems in general and particular kind contributes in succeeding his work as a doctor as in product development.

Bart van Dijk MSc, co founder and partner InnoSafety BV

Bart van DijkAfter finishing his Masters Degree Petroleum Engineering at the Technical University in Delft (TU Delft) Bart worked for 5 years for Halliburton Energy Services with the main tasks of realising deviated boreholes and logging services. He has a lot of affinity with Technology and likes to perform different sports one of them is skiing.

Together with Casper´s medical background there is an excellent team to work on new safety-projects like the Level Glove Thumb Protector # InnoSafety System.

Leon Zautsen, Industrial Design

LeonAs an industrial designer (Technical University of Delft), Leon specializes in concept development.In particular he likes developing “out of the box” solutions for problems that haven’t been solved yet.

In combination with his excellent skills in 3d modeling, knowledge of materials, mass-production, engineering and in-house 3d printing he is the perfect partner to develop our safety products. More information can be found under

Level Gloves, Scheuing Sports AG
Level​InnoSafety found partnership in Level gloves (Italy) in 2013. In cooperation with Level the Thumb Protector # InnoSafety System was launched at ISPO Munich in January 2016. The  Level Glove Thumb Protector # InnoSafety System was tested by TüV Munchen Sud and has a CE mark since then. More information can be found under

Innosafety and Level Team at TUV
The team


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